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Eduportal is an online educational portal designed to automate a wide variety of administrative and academic related processes in higher educational institutions. Its intuitive user interface and robust features effectively helps to facilitate the processing of numerous activities for various categories of users in a school.

In addition to conveniently managing students’ academic information, Eduportal has an integrated help support that assist users of the portal. Summarily, this package has been designed to provide a faster and more efficient way of performing critical routines that drive many of the processes existing in most tertiary institutions.

  • Flexible configurations that allow autonomous school wide settings
  • Students Admission into programmes/courses of study
  • Student Registration and Information Management
  • Online Payment
  • Automated Matriculation Number Generation
  • Grading System Management
  • Course Management and Registration
  • Result Processing Capabilities
  • Transcript Generation
  • Report Generation for all Features
  • E-library and Research Lookup
  • Discussion Forum and E-Voting System
  • Project Research Database
  • Research Upload
  • E-Notification System


Student Admission Admin Central Admin Lecturer Auditor Account Administrator

Eduportal provides a lot of benefits to stakeholders in higher educational institutions. Here are some of the benefits our clients stand to enjoy using this product.

To academic institutions:
  • Convenient and efficient online fee payment tracking
  • Proficient session, semester and course management
  • Easy management of, and access to students’ information
  • Simplified admissions processing
  • Enhanced result processing
  • Rapid transcript generation
To Students:
  • Fast Online Fee Payment (FOFP)
  • Convenient course registration or deregistration
  • Easy access to and management of all session activities such as course schedule, course forum etc
  • Access to research materials and e-library resources
  • Ability to track academic progress with access to results, GPA and CGPA
  • Virtual learning