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Eforms is an online applications portal developed to manage online application processes. Specifically, Eforms are application forms that are designed, published, filled and processed online. They save time and cost, are affordable and powerful. With eForms, users do not need to be software experts to build and publish forms online for respondents to fill and make payments.

  • Generic form authoring and publishing
  • Workflow support
  • Fine grained access control
  • Dynamic report generation
  • E-Notifications
  • Ability to categorize forms for easy referencing
  • Extensible payment mechanism
  • Intuitive user interface


Student Site Administrator Account Administrator

Eforms empowers institutions to:

  • Design and publish application forms online
  • View applicant submissions and payment information
  • Filter applicants' submissions based on desired criteria
  • Export submitted applications and payment information into various formats like CSV and XML

Eforms offers the following benefits to applicants:

  • Access to all application forms published by all institutions on the portal
  • Forms can be filled online
  • Notifies the applicant when new forms are published
  • Payment can be made online

Typical usage of Eforms include:

  • As an admissions application system by educational institutions
  • As an event registration system
  • As a survey/data gathering system
  • As a workflow support system